Last few days…

Last few days before we take off. These past few days have been busy trying to get everything together. I stopped working this week so we could get it done.

There were a few ‘extras’. The car had been routed to Asia but we managed to get it to go South. It should now arrive when planned. Also, the license plates were stolen after I dropped it at the port in Newark, NJ. I’ve received eight toll violations so far, so I had to visit the police station and send letters and faxes to NY and NJ. (If you are driving that Honda Accord with my plates please stop!!!).

Over the next few weeks we’ll add to the blog the information we’ve been putting together for the trip.

Now I’m going prepare a cake for T’s upcoming 5th birthday celebration.



4 responses to “Last few days…

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  2. Hermosa experiencia de casi 10 días con mi family los M.E.L.T. lindos lugares, mucho barro, ripio, montañas, ríos, desiertos, sol y lluvias. Y esto recién empieza para ellos aunque haya terminado para Deli y para mi… ¡ por ahora !
    El viejo Fox.

  3. Virginia Perez Valiño

    Luli & Family!!!! Buen viaje, voy a entrar a ver los paisajes y a disfrutar con uds esta experiencia…..Muchos cariños, Virgi

  4. Hey Prima & family!
    Los voy a estar siguiendo de cerca..que lindo!!
    Te voy a pasar fotitos asi subis con la family de aca! Besoo

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