Parque Nacional Talampaya / Talampaya National Park

Parque Nacional Talampaya
San Agustín del Valle Fértil a Villa Unión – 188 km. Febrero 8, 2011.

Antes de dejar la finca, tomamos un riquísimo desayuno con pan y dulces caseros y T y E hicieron una pequeña cabalgata. M está fascinada con los caballos pero al momento de subirse se largó a llorar. Estaba muy alto!. A la vuelta de la cabalgata, M volvió a intentar y esta vez no tuvo miedo. Alrededor del mediodía llegamos al Parque Nacional Talampaya. Acá dejamos el auto, e hicimos la excursión en una 4×4 que te podías subir al techo también a ver las vistas del cañón. El cañón es increible, y las paredes llegan a los 150 metros de arena roja. Acá incluímos algunas de las rocas con formas que se pueden ver: El monje, la Catedral, La Torre… Después del parque nos fuimos a buscar el hotel que estaba en Villa Unión.

Talampaya National Park.
San Agustin del Valle Fertil to Villa Union – 188 km. Feb. 8th

Before leaving the Finca we had breakfast with tasty home-made bread and jams followed by a horse-back ride. I rode with T who enjoyed the walking more than trotting more than galloping but enjoyed the ride and is looking forward to more riding. M has been crazy about horses since our daily (and often more than daily) visits to the horses close to Abu Susi’s house in Buenos Aires.  But when it was time to hop on a horse it turned out she didn’t like horses so much and decided she was not ready for it. When we came back from the ride with T, M decided to give it another try and we made a small circle with the horse until it was enough again. Later she said she would like to try again.

At around midday we arrived at Talampaya Canyon, another great attraction. To go into the Canyon you hop into a van or truck that drives you around. Last time we were here, over 10 years ago, you could drive in the Canyon if you had your own 4×4 (thanks Vero!). The tour + park entrance fee is on the expensive side at just under $40. This place was as amazing as we remembered it. The river that runs through the Canyon is dry most of the year and you drive between vertical, 150 m walls of red sand. There are some patches of vegetation and giant rock formations which evoked many different objects and animals, such as the cathedral, the tower, the turtle, the eagle, the monk, etc. We toured in a bus-truck similar to a London bus with an uncovered upper deck. The views were breathtaking.

After the park we headed to Villa Union to find our hotel. All the places we’ve visited so far are very dusty and our clothes are ready for a wash but the the search for a laundry place was futile. These towns are small and have few amenities. Our next stop, Chilecito, is a much bigger place.

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3 responses to “Parque Nacional Talampaya / Talampaya National Park

  1. Espero que los chicos no hayan empezado a preguntar cuanto falta para Boston

  2. Alejandra Alliende

    Hola! ¡Qué bueno seguirlos! Y qué bueno saber inglés y poder leer las dos versiones. ¿Quién escribe cuál? ¿L en español y E en inglés? Buenísimas las fotos y M es una genia total, tan peque y animarse a andar a caballo. Besos!!

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