Oasis de Huacachina

El Oasis de Huacachina. 17 y 18 de Marzo, 2011.
Nazca a Huacachina: 1.5 hs

Huacachina es un pueblito chiquito al lado de la ciudad de Ica. Está en el medio del desierto, mucho calor, y con unas dunas de arena que son impresionantes. Después de deambular por los distintos hoteles nos quedamos en El huacachinero. Aprovechamos la pileta, y nos tomamos varios jugos de frutas deliciosos. La noche fue bastante ruidosa, asique no dormimos muy bien y decidimos cambiarnos de hotel a la mañana siguiente, nos fuimos a la hostería suiza que estaba un poco mas alejada. Ahí también disfrutamos de la pileta todo el día y a la tarde nos fuimos en unos autitos-buggies-a tirarnos por las dunas. Los chicos estaban fascinados, todos, incluída L se tiraron con las tablas por las dunas. Muy bueno. El paisaje era increíble. Ya estaba cayendo el sol asique disfrutamos del atardecer en las dunas.

Huacachina Oasis, Ica, Perú
March 17 and 18, 2011

We’ve driven several hours along the coast and all we see are sand dunes. We are not running out of sand any time soon. Every once in a while there is valley deep-green with crops of every sort. Olives, grapes, watermelon, avocado and mango (mangos are sold at about 10c a pound here, where everything else is close to US prices) grow happily. Water is like magic.
The Panamericana Sur follows the coast until a few miles before Nazca and then heads inland a bit. We continued to Ica a large city from where we entered the Huacachina Oasis. Again, Ica springs up in the middle of the dessert with enormous amounts of crops around it. The source of water here is underground and there are so many wells to feed the city and crops that they are running out of water and no more wells for crops are permitted.
The Huacachina Oasis is right at the edge of Ica. A small lake surrounded by huge sand dunes. There are only about 50 m between the lake and the steep dunes and the space is filled with hotels and bars. The place is a bit run down but still amazing. We relaxed in the hotel and pool and tried lots of different fruit juices. Lots of papayas and maracuya here too.
M, E and T climbed the dune behind the hotel while L worked on updating the ever outdated blog. The dune was probably 100 m high and we almost made it to the top. The highlight was the sand buggy trip that included sliding down dunes on sandboards. Buggies go really fast up and down dunes and are quite scary. We managed to get a group in which everyone wanted a tame ride and it was still quite scary for the kids. T rode down the dunes on top of either E or L and M decided not to be left out either. They had a blast. We’ve got some video that we’ll upload to the paid section of the blog 🙂

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  2. BASTA…. BASTA…… de arena…… arena….. arena…… donde estan … Arabia, Africa …. no estaran en Libia…… miren el mapa y retomen el camino de la civilizacion el peligro es convertise en BEDUINOS permanentes y no es que tenga algo contra los beduinos sino ver a mis nietos cubiertos de tunicas blancas pudiendo admirar solo los ojos como unica cosa visible….. un besote grande a todos los MELT del viejo FOX

  3. la nada total!!!!!! ahi si que sólo Uds. ….. van a poder volver a la civilización????

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