Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva
18 de Mayo, 2011
Bogotá a Villa de Leyva: 2.5 hs

Esquivando inundaciones salimos de Bogotá hacia nuestro próximo destino: Villa de Leyva, un pueblito colonial perdido en el tiempo. Después de almorzar, recorrimos el pueblito caminando por sus calles adoquinadas, sus casas de artesanías y su plaza central. A la tardecita T se enganchó a jugar al fútbol con otros chicos, asique estuvo feliz corriendo un buen rato. Nuevamente, debido a las lluvias, la ruta principal que nos llevaba a la costa estaba cerrada por un puente caído. Asique cambiamos nuestro itinerario, y nos quedamos con las ganas de conocer Barichara, otro pueblito colonial. Cenamos unos postres y nos fuimos a dormir tempranito porque nos esperaba un largo día en la ruta.

Our plan to get to the Atlantic coast from Bogotá was to go North stopping in Villa de Leyva, Barichara, Girón and then a long ~9 hr drive to Santa Marta. The heavy rain has caused lots of road closures and a couple of days before leaving Bogotá a bridge near Girón was swiped by a mudslide blocking traffic in the most important route connecting the capital to the Atlantic coast. So we changed our plan and decided to visit Villa de Leyva and then take a rather long detour going northwest and then northeast to get around the problem.
Villa de Leyva is a charming colonial village with an immense central square and cobblestone streets. We arrived on a Wednesday so it was very quiet and the locals seemed to be all outside enjoying their town (it gets really crowded on weekends). There are a few activities around the area (waterfalls, dinosaur park, museums, ostrich park, etc) but we decided to just walk up and down around town. M and T had fun hopping from stone to stone following imaginary paths. At one of the parks T joined some other boys playing soccer and after almost two hours we convinced him to stop and go for dinner. He was really into the game so we took some action pictures with our long lens…
We decided to leave early next morning to try to get to Santa Marta before it got dark. It didn’t quite work that way.

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