Santa Clara y Boquete

Santa Clara y Boquete, Panamá
7 al 9 de Junio, 2011
Panamá city a Santa Clara: 1:45 hs
Santa Clara a Boquete: 4-5 hs

A la vuelta de San Blas, recogimos nuestras cosas en Panamá y salimos hacia las playas del sur. Paramos a almorzar de casualidad en un restaurante argentino donde comimos empanadas y mil hojas! De ahí nos fuimos a la playa a Santa Clara. La playa muy linda, con muchos caracoles de colores pero muchas aguasvivas psique no nos metimos al agua. Acampamos en la casa de un americano no muy simpático y a la mañana temprano después de desayunar partimos nuevamente hacia Boquete. Boquete está en la montaña, cerca al único volcán de Panamá, el Barú. Mucha gente nos había recomendado Boquete, sin embargo no nos pareció tan lindo. El tiempo tampoco ayudó demasiado ya que llovía. El volcán no llegamos a verlo, ya que amaneció con nubes también pero sí aprovechamos a hacer un tour en una finca de café (Finca Dos Jefes). El tour estuvo muy interesante y lo mejor de todo fue que tostamos café y además degustamos café. Muy bueno! Una buena manera de empezar el día. Para el mediodía nos fuimos a David (la 2da ciudad más grande de Panamá) a hacer unas compritas y nos quedamos ahí para salir temprano al día siguiente hacia nuestro próximo destino, Costa Rica!

Santa Clara and Boquete
We stopped for the night in Panama after our return from San Blas and took off early the next morning towards the beaches on the south (pacific). We had lunch and beach time in Santa Clara on a very wide beach with dark sand and lots of colorful shells. Later we spent some time in the pool and watched the birds of the campground we stayed at. It was pretty hot all day!
We were one the move with only three days left until the arrival of Abu Carlos and Abu Deli so we left early again towards Boquete. Boquete is a town in the mountains with several waterfalls, hiking trails and coffee plantations and was recommended by many panamenians we met. We expected a charming mountain town but it wasn’t that charming to us (yes, we are spoiled after so much traveling!). Still it is a magnet for american retirees and others that go to set up shop. Panama is relatively inexpensive (compared to the US and Costa Rica for example) so many americans retire here and is apparently one of the top choices for retirement by the AARP.
It was raining when we arrived so we didn’t do much other than play some soccer and have dinner. In Colombia we didn’t get around to go on a coffee tour although we did learn the basics of coffee processing. So the next morning we went to a tour at Finca Dos Jefes, a small organic plantation run by an american that purchased the land about ten years ago. It was great, he told us the interesting story of the farm, about coffee in general and in Panama, and we went through the fields to look at the plants. Then we went through the processing of the bean, L roasted some coffee and we tried a few different roasts. He used to export his coffee to the US but now sells all of it at the farm to visitors. It was a lot of fun.
We decided to sleep in David, a little closer to the Panama-Costa Rica border to start early the following day. Goodbye Panama…

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