Monteverde: Bosque nuboso parte 2

16 de Junio, 2011
Liberia a Monteverde: 3.5 hs

Habían dos caminos para llegar a Monteverde y después de tirar una moneda decidimos por el camino más corto para la ida y el que estaba en mejores condiciones para la vuelta. El de ida tenía miles de pozos asique saltamos bastante, pero increíblemente los chicos durmieron igual. En Monteverde hay un bosque nuboso (un bosque tropical de altura). Todo es muy verde, y al ser la estación de lluvias acá también llueve todas las tardes. Llegamos pasado el mediodía y nos sorprendimos por la cantidad de turistas. En su mayoría americanos bastante jovencitos. El lugar nos decepcionó un poco, es muy turístico lleno de lugares para hacer “turismo aventura”. Al día siguiente fuimos a uno de los parques que tienen puentes colgantes. Caminamos bastante, vimos un oso perezoso, una culebra, una especie de rata muy grande (guatusa), muchos insectos y colibríes. Estuvo divertido, y aunque sería lindo recorrer más el bosque nuboso, eso requiere caminar y estar en silencio para encontrar animales, pero para M y T eso es bastante complicado.

We couldn’t decide what route to take to Monteverde. Option one was the short route and option two was the road in better condition. We flipped a coin and decided to take the short route up and the better one down. Oh what a bumpy ride. It was only about 20 km of steep climbing but there were rocks and holes all over the road. This time it felt like we were in the blender, not the fruit. Monteverde (green mountain) is in the cloud forest. The moist warm air rising from the lowlands quickly cools and forms clouds that ‘stick’ to the mountains. The moisture from the clouds keeps the area very humid providing a great climate for lots of fast-growing plants and trees. Most of the forest is secondary, meaning that it was chopped down for farming and is now growing back. After about 20 years it already looks like a forest although not as thick as a primary one. Unfortunately Monteverde is crowded (can’t imagine what it is like in high season) by people interested in ‘extreme’ sports, mostly zip lining, with several ‘reserves’ specializing in selling the extreme sports. And of course all of these businesses and hotels are certified carbon neutral, carbon free, carbon negative or some other form of greenness.
We went for a tame guided walk through the cloud forest that included walking through several bridges that allow views of the canopies. It was a lot of fun and we (the guide) spotted several animals including spiders, snakes, giant rodents and monkeys.
We decided to head to the beach after one day instead of two. Visiting more of the cloud forest required a lot walking and being relatively quiet, not things M and T will do for too long.

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