Chau Abus y el Volcan Poás

Despedida de los Abus y Volcán Poás
23 y 24 de Junio, 2011
Dominical al Aeropuerto: 3 hs
Aeropuerto a Volcán Poás: 40 min

Nos levantamos tempranito para llevar a los abus al aeropuerto. Todos estábamos un poquito tristes, pero contentos de que los abus pudieron venir a visitarnos. Además, prontito van a volver a visitarnos cuando lleguemos a Boston. Después de unos cambios de vuelos, dejamos a los abus en el avión y nos fuimos hacia el volcán (que no pudimos ver con los abus el primer día que llegaron porque estaba muy nublado). Nos instalamos en unas cabañitas y a la mañana siguiente bien tempranito nos fuimos al volcán. Tuvimos suerte y pudimos verlo!! Muy bueno! E y T se fueron a caminar hasta una laguna por un sendero por el bosque. Después de ver el volcán nos fuimos hacia Puntarenas para tomar un ferry hacia la Península de Nicoya.

We managed to push back the departure of Abu Carlos and Deli by two days, but we now had to say goodbye. We left early from Dominical and drove all the way to San José (about half the country). As usual, it’s sad for everyone but we are glad that we get to see each other quite often.
From the airport we headed to the Poás Volcano and found some nice cabins on the mountainside that are part of a big Finca (farm). We saw signs for strawberries and trouts so E and T went on a walk along the rolling hills. We picked a few strawberries for dessert but couldn’t find any trouts. On the way back we were enveloped by white clouds allowing us to play games. The mountains felt like a nice break from so many days at the beach. Early the following morning we were able to see the beautiful green lake that sits inside the crater of the Poás Volcano. E and T took the opportunity to take a long walk through the forest while M and L had breakfast at the visitor’s center. T has been asking all kinds of questions lately. We’ve talked about wars, diplomacy and commerce and he often won’t let you stop. Today’s conversation started with the many spiderwebs we were finding and noting the different animals we were hearing (howler monkeys, birds and insects) and seeing (the friendly squirrel that followed us part of the way). At some point T asked how it is that there are so many different animals so we ended up talking about evolution and speciation for a long time. Every explanation prompts more questions so we had a fun time chatting.

Caminando con T por el Poás- Walking with T in the Poás

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2 responses to “Chau Abus y el Volcan Poás

  1. Hal Sandstrom

    Hi Zeke, Lucila, Tomas, and Malena!
    Thank you so much for the beautiful blog, what a fantastic voyage!
    Enjoy the rest of the trip and we’ll see you ere long back in the hood, which is still here by the way, despite the departure of Chris, Alla, and Gucho.

  2. Nick Anisimov

    Wow. Incredible pictures. Very artistic. Nice.

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