Llegamos a México!!! Ruinas de Palenque

Tierra Azteca!
Ruinas de Palenque, Chiapas
20 y 21 de Julio, 2011

Después de varias horas de viaje y una frontera vacía pero lenta (2 hs) llegamos a Palenque. E todavía estaba un poco convaleciente, asique nos fuimos directamente al hotel. E durmió un rato, y M, T y L se fueron a la pileta. Nos acostamos tempranito ya que estábamos todos bastante cansados. A la mañana salimos para las ruinas. Un complejo bastante grande pero bien distinto a las guatemaltecas; las ruinas estaban muy restauradas y para nuestra sorpresa, algo que hasta ahora veníamos evitando, llenas de gente. Parece que en México Julio y Agosto es temporada alta para el turismo, asique a nuestro pesar, los lugares van a estar con muchos turistas. Después de andar un poco por las ruinas, con un calor sofocante, nos fuimos a la cascada de Misol-Ha. Misol-Ha es una cascada de 35 m sobre un laguito de aguas verdes. E y T nadaron un rato y después todos visitamos las grutas. El calor seguía abrumador, asique volvimos a refrescarnos en el agua del hotel. Al día siguiente fuimos tempranito a visitar Agua Azul, unas cascadas naturales con aguas azules. Llegamos a las 9 de la mañana y al rato el lugar ya estaba lleno de gente. El agua no era azul, era un verdoso no tan lindo, parece que es azul sólo en Abril. Paseamos un rato, tomamos unos jugos de naranja y partimos hacia San Cristóbal de las Casas.

After a long day on the road that included the border crossing from Guatemala it didn’t take long to decide on a hotel to stay near the Mayan ruins of Palenque. We were surprised by how quickly prices would go down at hotels. Where we stayed a face of surprise after hearing the rate brought the price down about 20%, asking for a less expensive option another 20% and a ‘final offer’ another 10%. The town of Palenque does not have much to offer so we stayed at a hotel on the road to the ruins where most of them are.
At first sight, the ruins of Palenque look more impressive than those of Tikal but a closer look showed us that mexican archeologists like to restore a lot more heavily than guatemaltecans and a lot of what you see is new. Still, you get a good picture of how things might have been. This time we didn’t do the full tour and instead went to the main structures and played around a bit. It was hot so we decided to head to the Misol-Ha, a 35 m waterfall that is in the Palenque tourist circuit. It wasn’t anything spectacular but good enough to cool off in the very cold water.
The following day, en route to San Cristóbal de las Casas, we stopped at Agua Azul, a much larger waterfall/rapids famous for the deep-blue waters. Instead, we found brown water and a long path running along the waterfall lined with souvenir stalls and food vendors. Apparently the water is blue for only two months of the year. We’ve made one of the pictures blue to imagine what we would have seen if we came at the right time…
We apparently entered Mexico right during high season and now we are sharing our trip with mobs of people. Crazy things are happening: waiting in line for tickets, squeezing by people, full parking lots and restaurants, etc. The experience is definitely a different one and we liked it better less crowded.

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