Con amigos en Houston/ With friends in Houston

Houston, Texas
10 al 12 de Agosto, 2011
San Antonio a Austin: 1h
Austin a Houston: 3.5 hs

Nos fuimos temprano hacia Austin, la capital de Texas. Tampoco es muy grande. El calor seguía insufrible, asique mucho no se podía andar por la calle. Pasamos por el congreso, y por la callecita principal con sus negocios, nada muy impresionante. Después de almorzar, nos fuimos hasta Houston, donde nos esperaban Luis y Verónica. Houston sí es más grande, las calles muy grandes, llenas de autos, muchas autopistas y poca vida de pueblo. Casi sin pensarlo terminamos quedándonos tres días con los chicos, qué bueno quedarse en una casa!! (y una tan linda!, gracias chicos!!). En Houston sólo visitamos la NASA, los cohetes, vimos dónde se entrenaban los astronautas, y un lugar con juegos para chicos. T y E se fueron una tarde al museo de los chicos y L aprovechó a cortarse el pelo. Aprovechamos a descansar y a planear el resto del viaje. Hubo un cambio de planes, pensábamos ir directamente hacia el este, pasando por New Orleans, y North Carolina pero terminamos decidiendo ir a New Mexico y Colorado antes de arrancar la vuelta hacia el este.

With friends in Houston
Luis and Verónica our old friends from Boston were waiting for us at their house in Houston. We ended up staying three nights at their place, mostly relaxing and reminding ourselves how it is to live in a house rather than at hotels and campings. Luis and Verónica made us feel like at home, cooked for us and took us to the pool. While we were there we changed oil and rotated tires in the car, L got a haircut, and we went to the NASA Space Center where we spent about half a day. The Space Center has lots of things related to space but M and T (and every other kid around) had the most fun playing in the space-themed jungle gym and human foosball game. T and E also went to the Houston Children’s Museum where we spent an entire afternoon. This children’s museum is a step above others we’ve seen, with lots of interactive exhibits like build your own paper plane and rocket, painting, etc.

Our plan for the US was essentially a line joining Houston to Boston but after tips from our friends Nico and Cat we decided to head north to New Mexico and Colorado before driving East. We plan to visit Santa Fe and Taos in NM and the Sand Dunes and Rocky Mountain National Parks in CO. We’d love to go to Grand Teton and Yellowstone but that is probably going to be too much driving since we want to be in New York in the beginning of September to watch our nephew Matias from Chile play the US Open.

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