Llegamos!!! – That’s all folks…

Llegamos a Boston!!
7 de Septiembre, 2011

Después de un último intento por ver un partido del US Open (que finalmente se canceló por lluvias) salimos desde NYC hacia nuestra casita en Boston. Ahí nos esperaba Nico, con comida caliente y la casa limpita 🙂 ! Llegamos de noche, y los chicos estaban emocionadísimos de ver nuevamente todas sus cosas. Con una mezcla de sentimientos, llegamos al fin del viaje. Fue una experiencia increíble, y aunque para muchos parecía una locura, disfrutamos tanto que sin duda volveríamos a hacerlo! Gracias a todos los que nos acompañaron a traves de este blog y a los abus que vinieron varias veces a visitarnos. Nos quedamos con un montón de recuerdos, imágenes, gente, y vivencias y con las ganas de empezar a planear otro viaje nuevamente.

Home!!! We’ve MELTedAmerica!!
After a last failed attempt to watch Mati play at the U.S. Open we left New York in the afternoon under heavy rain. Not the best driving conditions for the last stretch but we made it home safely at night. Nico, our house-sitter together with Jodi, was waiting for us with warm food and a warm heart. We had been in touch often during the trip, like when he told us the fence had collapsed and that a collection agency had called regarding unpaid tolls (one of our plates was stolen and used to go through tolls when we left the car at the New Jersey port to be shipped to Argentina ).
M and T were incredibly excited to find all ‘new’ toys just for themselves. M was quite confused and kept thinking this was Nico’s house for a few days. It took her a bit longer than the rest of us to recognize we were at ‘home’ and that this time home was not a hotel.

Being back brought mixed feelings. It was nice to be back but we were leaving behind a once-in-a-lifetime experience (I hope I’m wrong on that one. We’ll be reserving MELT Africa, MELT Asia, MELT Oceania and MELT Europe just in case). In the beginning the trip sounded a bit of a crazy idea to us (and others) but from the moment we decided we were doing it for real our excitement only grew. And it was great all along. We are filled with memories, experiences, images and people that we will never forget.

Thanks to everyone that followed us through the blog and left comments. It was fun to share our adventure with you. But stay tuned, we’ll have a couple more posts with some pictures we’ve been keeping for the end.

The Best parts? Las mejores partes?
Hard to tell, but these were one some of the favorites:
Laguna Colorada – out of this world
Salar de Uyuni – reflections
Puerto Inka – breathtaking camping
Zorritos – relax
Cuenca – Home of the Panamenian hats!?
Bogotá – newfound friends
Cabo de Vela – Deep in the mud
Islas San Blás – Like the ones you see in the movies
Isla del Caño – Not expecting this rough of a ride
Antigua Guatemala – an enchanting city
Alebrijes – We fell in love with these wooden creatures
Rocky Mountain National Park – Gorgeous camping


4 responses to “Llegamos!!! – That’s all folks…

  1. Thank you for taking time and sharing your experiences.
    This is one of the best blog that I have read so far. I feel like I am virtually traveling with you guys. I wish I can do such a trip.

    I am hoping you will do such a tour again and would like to join at least a part ways.

  2. MIchelle Soriano

    Muchas felicidades familia MELT! Nos encantó verlos en México!!! Les mandamos muchísimos abrazos y felicidades una vez más por ese envidiable viaje!
    Michelle y Felipe

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